Sunday, 29 April 2012



Anna Waite has finally spoken out in a tirade of insults against me and other Independents claiming that her role as Tory Chairman is "concerned with administrative and organisational issues". That of course sounds like organising elections and responsibilities such as dealing with the problems surrounding Cllr Robin, which she did deal with..............That is of course what most Chairman of political parties do. It is a pity that she cant take responsibility and deal with her own nasty and insulting ideas!

When a Tory Chairman such as Anna Waite disgustingly attacks single mums and blights them with causing the same problems as drunks and drug addicts she must take responsibility (resign) for her actions (words). As she is the boss it would take some form of democracy to achieve that so that will not happen then. They are all scared of her and we know that all the inner workings of the Tory Party are run by kangaroo courts in much the same way as scrutiny meetings at the Council. We know that all decisions are discussed and finalised at Tory Group meetings before scrutiny therefore denying any democracy at all.

She should also take responsibilty for the rubbish and outright lies posted by "her Tory boys" on their bilge blogs and published in her name for the Tory Party on the wonderful positive literature. Please keep publishing the Tory bilge as we know how much people like negative campaigning, the more you do it, the more votes we get!!!!!

We Independents will take no lessons from Anna Waite on how to conduct ourselves in the Council, at elections or elsewhere.

Keep pumping that bilge pump, only 4 days to go!

PS Could you have a word with Nigel Folkard as he lost his temper badly at the Milton Hustings, it did not go down at all well with the audience.

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