Tuesday, 24 April 2012


It would seem that Anna Waite and her Tory Boys have a new obsession. They keep on talking about Ron Woodley on their bilge, sorry blogs as though they are speaking with one voice. Oh yes, I forgot, Anna Waite is of course the big boss and is responsible for all the bilge produced by the bilge pumps as they are all one! Thats the beauty of party politics, you are all in it together especially when your poll ratings start to crumble. So thats what Cameron meant?

The problem for Anna Waites Tory Boys is that the more the polling ratings drop the faster they operate that pump, oh dear, what a shame. People just love that negative campaigning! The more they pump the more votes we get! Keep pumping please. PS The bilge is going down a storm in Thorpe and Southchurch, ha ha ha............

I wondered if I could make a request for the Tory Boys to deliver that leaflet with the purple Independent printing in more wards? Just like last year when they delivered a leaflet in Thorpe ward saying that Ron Woodley is really a Conservative, they know how to win a campaign!

I am worried that they are worried about what Ron Woodley is doing though whilst at the same I am hearing that the ex-BNP "Independent" candidate in Southchurch has links with 2 of Anna Waites Tory boys. Of course the candidate in question is nothing to do with us as disgustingly alledged by Anna Waites bilge pump but these dirty tricks have some way to go yet and all will be revealed in the future.

Anna Waites disgusting outburst update.

Anna Waite remains in charge at Bilge Pump headquarters as Chairman despite her disgusting attacks on single mums, still thats what you would expect, a lot of old bilge.........

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